Specialised naval support

Professional works with issuance of technical certificates

AD Nautica - Lavorazioni

The technical teams of our boatyard have performed countless bodywork interventions and paintwork and polishing, obtaining excellent results and strengthening working relationships with suppliers. We have worked with countless high-end materials: Dupont, International, Palinal, Standox and all cycles carried out have been awarded technical certificates.

Numerous overseas interventions have also been carried out for prestigious brands such as Riva, Aprea and Ferretti in Turkey, Spain and France with very good results confirmed by appreciated letters of thanks.

Main works carried out

  • FINCANTIERI LA SPEZIA: Megayacht Victory 147 metres. All internal paintwork for various crew and vessel owner quarters, painting of lounges and all lacquer-work on board
  • CANTIERI TOY MARINE SAVONA: Maestro 82 and 58. Hull and deck paintwork in production lines
  • CANTIERI VALDETTARO LA SPEZIA: Riva DOMINO 86, Refurbishment of hull and deck. DUCHESSA 92, hull and deck
  • CANTIERI SAN LORENZO: total repainting of hull and superstructure of SL 108 ANDINORIA – SL 122 STARS
  • CANTIERI SNO: Total neomachos repainting of 82 INDIAN - Total repainting of Riva RIVALE – CRN SARAMOUR 60 metres, refitting interventions and various areas of repainting of hull and deck
  • CANTIERI BENETTI: in production line, all accessories and first bodywork with MODEL DESIGN for all VTR lines


  • Deckhands (assembly and disassembly)
  • Restoration of composites and post-curing (fiberglass and carbon)
  • Stucco restorationand start-up of surfaces (epoxy and vinyl ester)
  • Gelcoating
  • Levelling
  • Painting of Bases and Finishes
  • Polishing Enamels and Gelcoat
  • Painting Antennas and Components
  • Assembly and Disassembly
  • Restoration of interiors in essence
  • Restoration of interior lacquers
  • Retouches
  • Hull Painting
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